Car And Bike Number Plates

DVLA Number Plates St. Budeaux

For DVLA number plates in St. Budeaux, look no further than St. Budeaux Motor Spares. Number plates that are cracked, damaged or faded are illegal and will need replacing. Whether a car or motorcycle, we can supply and fit your replacement plates while you wait, and swiftly get you back on the road. We can also supply spare plates, which are especially important if you plan on towing or using a rear-mounted cycle carrier. Number plates must always be clearly displayed. Each of our plates are DVLA approved, road legal and made to suit your individual preferences. If you are based in a nearby area including Plymouth and Saltash, come to us for your number plates.

Car Number Plates

If your car number plates have any kind of damage, then they are illegal and will require replacement immediately. Our car number plates here at St. Budeaux Motor Spares are road legal and DVLA approved which will stop you from getting pulled over. Contact us today for further information.

Motorcycle Number Plates

Here at our facilities, we supply and fit motorcycle number plates while you wait, keeping you mobile. Whatever your individual tastes, we supply plates in a range of styles that fit within the legal requirements. 

4D Number Plates

Here at St Budeax Motorspres, we are proud to produce fully legal 4D number plates on the premises. Our new & exciting 4D plates adds to the raised style of 3D fonts that gives a fresh pop-out look to your vehicle. 

4D number plate fitting

Remember Your Documentation

Ensure to remember your documentation when you pay us a visit for number plates. The law demands that you provide current proof of entitlement and identity to the quoted registration to receive your spare replacement plate. If you are uncertain on what specific documents you will need to bring, contact us today for information on what we accept.

Affordable Costs

Here at St. Budeaux Motor Spares, our professional approach and expert solutions combined with our affordable costs make for an unbeatable service. Get in touch with us today for further information.

Contact St. Budeaux Motor Spares

Contact St. Budeaux Motor Spares for our DVLA number plates in St. Budeaux.  

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